Everyone Should Buy Smartphones with Guaranteed Android and Security Updates

It’s darn time you considered software support

On February 18th, 2018, at MWC in Barcelona, HMD Global, the licensed maker of Nokia branded phones, entered a partnership with Google’s Android One program. Introduced in 2014, Android One aims to increase the adoption of new versions among third-party smartphone manufacturers.

Nokia phones have been part of the family since 2018, and to date, all of the company’s devices run Android One. Thanks to this partnership, Nokia devices promise longer support – even those going for less than Ksh 10,000 – as pledged by Android One.

These phones are built upon pillars of security, reliability, and dependability. This is seen through the company’s promise of two major OS updates, alongside three years of monthly security updates.

Such is important in today’s always-connected world where phones are storing more personal information than ever before. For a fact, regular security updates are crucial for any smart hardware device.

These security patches ship with bug fixes to iron out existing system flaws strengthening data security, ensuring your information is kept secure. Therefore, you should always update your device once an update is available – whether it’s a security patch or a total OS upgrade.

Comprehensive security and android updates are also crucial in today’s world, where consumers stay longer with devices than before.

Currently, most consumers prioritize camera, battery (capacity, fast charging), memory, onboard storage, and display (size, resolution, refresh rate), turning a blind eye to software support.

But buying a device with guaranteed software and security updates supports the increasing upgrade cycle — a win-win situation for consumers. Consumers can stay with their device(s) for long, or at least until the manufacturer no longer sends these important updates.

For Nokia phones, that is about three years. Google, Samsung, OnePlus, are also among the few manufacturers offering longer support to their devices.

Besides three years of regular security updates and two years of major Android OS updates, being part of the Android One family additionally ensures Nokia devices offer one of the best software experiences.

All Nokia phones run near-stock Android with few modifications, maintaining the core and user interface as Google intended it to be. It is well-optimized software with no unnecessary apps and, yes, no ads.

I reviewed the Nokia 2.4 end of last year. Like all other Nokia smartphones, the software experience was impeccable. The phone ships with the fundamentals and you have the liberty to add the extra apps that are part and parcel of your daily routine.

This coveted clean Android experience is becoming a rare jewel among third-party Android OEMs out of Google. It is one thing that makes Nokia devices stand out, especially in the low-end and the lower midrange segment.

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