Sending Ksh.100 on T-kash is now free as Telkom Kenya reviews tariffs

Telkom Kenya has today reviewed tariffs for its mobile money service T-Kash. 

Starting today the company says all Person-to-Person transactions below KSh 100 will remain zero-rated. 

Comparative to Telkom’s pre-pandemic tariffs, the T-kash tariffs within the “send to registered off-net” category, in the KSh 101-500, Ksh 501-1,000 and KSh1,501-2,500 transaction bands have also been reduced.

The tariffs had been waived last year with the view of encouraging the use of mobile money and other forms of cashless payments, thereby minimising the use of physical cash in light of the pandemic. 

The daily T-Kash limit per transaction will remain at KSh150,000, with the daily sending limit being retained at KSh300,000 with a wallet limit access of KSH 300, 000. Any transactions between KSh50,000 up to KSh300,000 will attract a rate of KSh100. All other fees remain unchanged. 

Telkom says it is embarking on a journey to enhance its digital financial services offering, T-kash, over the coming weeks, to make it more reflective of current customer demands, with respect to increased security, simplicity, availability and reliability.

These new reviewed Telkom Kenya T-kash tariffs have been approved by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK).

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