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Twitters Starts Labelling Covid-19 Vaccine Misleading Tweets

Twitter has announced that it will start labelling tweets that contain misleading information about the covid-19 vaccine. The latest update is an expansion of the company’s continued efforts to clamp down on misinformation around the ongoing pandemic that has taken the world by storm.

Twitter introduced COVID-19 guidance in December, and to date, the company says it has removed 8,400 Tweets and challenged 11.5 million accounts worldwide.

The new labels on misleading, tweets will come in toe with a strike system to help curb sharing of such content. These labels can include curated content from Twitter, including authoritative information on the same from official public health organizations or the company’s usage policies.

Strikes will be applied as an additional measure if needed. Two or three strikes will earn you a 12-hour account lock and four strikes a 7-day lock. Five or more strikes will lead to permanent suspension.

For a start Twitter will use its team to review and apply these labels manually. But moving forward, the company plans to use both automation tools and human review to determine whether certain content violates its COVID-19 vaccine misinformation rules.

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