LG WebOS Smart TV Platform is Coming to Other TV Brands

Finally, LG is offering one of the best smart TV platforms to other firms.

WebOS, LG’s acclaimed Smart TV platform, is spreading its wings, and you’ll soon see it on more platforms. LG announced that it would begin licensing WebOS to third-party TV manufacturers, which will open the window for more users to enjoy the company’s best smart TV platform.

According to the company, “Over twenty TV manufacturers from around the world have already committed to the webOS partnership, including brands such as RCA, Ayonz, and Konka with more partners expected to join in the future.”

Non-LG TVs licensed to use WebOS will include all the highlight reels of the smart TV platform, including its sleek design, intuitive interface design, voice search and control, integrated AI algorithms, and easy connectivity to other devices.

Even better, the company says compatible TVs will also include its dedicated Magic Motion remote controller in the package.

The Magic Motion controller, for the uninitiated, is LG’s remote that allows one to easily navigate WebOS by pointing to the specific part of the UI or app you wish to open. It also offers voice recognition.

Opening the WebOS platform will avail it to more users around the world. LG says the move will potentially reshape the TV business while helping the company grow its presence in people’s homes and the global home entertainment market.

“By welcoming other manufacturers to join the webOS TV ecosystem, we are embarking on a new path that allows many new TV owners to experience the same great UX and features that are available on LG TVs. We look forward to bringing these new customers into the incredible world of webOS TV,” said Park Hyoung-sei, president of the LG Home Entertainment Company.

The company unveiled the latest iteration of its smart TV platform this year, dubbed WebOS 6.0. It made the user interface more friendly and intuitive. The magic remote also received critical updates for “simpler controls when using voice recognition.”

LG’s Web OS smart TV platform joins Google’s Android TV, Roku OS, and Fire TV used across TV brands.

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