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Chrome 88 fixes a critical zero-day flaw exploited by hackers in the wild

Google has released an update to its ubiquitous browser Chrome, which tags along with an important security patch. Chrome 88, the latest version of the browser, includes a patch to a zero-day vulnerability that hackers have exploited.

The flaw, identified as CVE-2021-21148, was found on Chrome’s desktop version across Windows, Mac, and Linux. It was discovered last month, on January 24th, according to Google, although it was too late, as hackers were already exploiting the bug in the wild.

CVE-2021-21148 allowed attackers to run malicious code on victims due to a memory corruption flaw in Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.

Several attacks in January are thought to have been linked to the flaw. One prominent January attack targeted security researchers by North Korean hackers via social media.

Google did not explicitly tell whether the attacks are linked to the patched bug in Chrome.

You should upgrade to Chrome 88 (version 88.0.4324.150) if you haven’t as soon as possible.

Chances are, you may not immediately have access to the update. Still, Google has restricted bug details for now and will continue until most users have updated their browsers.

That should buy you some time, but act ASAP if possible.

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