A Closer Look at Microsoft’s Upcoming Windows 10X OS

A near-final build has been leaked

In case you missed it: Microsoft has been working on a Windows 10 variant known as Windows 10X build from the ground up. Windows 10X is based on ‘Windows Core OS”, a modern version of Windows.

At first, Windows 10X was built as a Windows variant for dual-screen and foldable PCs. But last year there was some change of plans.

Microsoft announced that it is rebuilding Windows 10X to run on single-screen devices like laptops first.

Windows 10X offers a lighter, simple and modern Windows look. And from the near-final build of the OS leaked online, it’s precisely what the OS is all about.

From the leaks and previous hands-on experiences of early builds, Windows 10X is positioning itself as a direct Chrome OS competitor.

It includes a new start menu, Taskbar, File Explorer, Action center, and a new set up experience.

Developers have installed the OS on various unsupported devices, including Surface Pro 7 and Lumia 950 XL.

Check the various images below:

Windows 10X devices are expected to start shipping this year, and you will not be officially allowed to upgrade your current PC to it.

It’s optimized for Chromebook-like laptops and will be available for those who want a modern Windows experience on such devices.

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