Reading PDFs on Smartphones About to get less painful


In an ideal world, I would never wish to read a PDF from my smartphone. But then at times, there’s no other way out – you have to. Fortunately, nerds at Adobe could also feel the same, so the company is bringing a new feature called Liquid Mode to help streamline this.

Liquid Mode isn’t just any other new feature; it takes advantage of Adobe’s robust AI framework, Sensei. Making PDFs more comfortable to read by removing the pinching and zooming – a common thing when reading PDFs on mobile.

Sensei does all the work behind-the-scenes by first scanning the PDF once opened to identify all the parts. It then reformats the PDF, presenting a comfortable reading experience.

Due to Sensei, Liquid Mode creates an intelligent outline, collapsible and expandable sections, and searchable text for quick navigation.

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And it is highly customizable. You can “tailor font size and spacing between words, characters, and lines” to make it suitable for your reading preferences, the company says.

An essential part of Liquid Mode is, despite all the dynamism and customizability, it doesn’t change the original document.

Please note that the feature is currently under early testing phase, so it might not work on all PDFs. “The more documents pass through Liquid Mode, the more knowledge it will gain to expand its functionality and improve its reliability,” writes Ashley Still, senior vice president of Digital Media at Adobe.

The same will also be rolled out on desktop, but there’s no concrete rollout timeline yet.

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