NCBA Loop has become a complete mess

We need an NCBA Loop alternative, we need it now. Loop has become a mess, a complete mess. 

CBA launched this product back in March 2017. It was a good product, the first of its kind. With Loop, the bank was trying to reach out to young people. The app included all the services any young consumer like me would want including a personal financial management tool which I have been using for some time now. 

With Loop, CBA managed to capture a big chunk of young people aged between 20 and 34 years who constitute around 70% of the Kenyan population. 

CBA at the launch of Loop called it a truly digital bank. It noted that this was the culmination of the bank’s tech-driven ventures which of course started with the launch of mobile payments through Safaricom’s M-Pesa in 2006 and its own M-Shwari six years later.

‘’The launch of Loop marks the transition to CBA 2.0 that seeks to embrace the future.’’

“The future starts today, right here,” it said.

Well, looks like this future died with the new CBA and NIC merger that was announced in January 2019 and Loop needs to fix this.

From OTP issues to system delays to some users even reporting being unable to transact, things just keep getting worse. A user even once reported not being able to access their funds for an entire week, a whole week. How frustrating can that be?

At some point, some payments I was making for a service online could not even be processed.

Below are some customer complaints I gathered online: 

As @Mangua_ said in a tweet, ’’When customers continuously complain about a service channel esp if you are an SP and the complaints are directly linked to how your customers interact with you and nothing happens iko shida hapo..’’

To respond to these complaints Loop recently issued a statement saying they were working urgently to resolve these customer concerns.

‘’We’re working urgently to address all of the individual issues raised while also addressing the root causes’’ the statement read. 

‘’We know that this isn’t everything and it won’t happen overnight but we’re committed to delivering an experience that makes all customers proud to be NCBA customers’’ 

Dear NCBA Loop, these complaints from your customers are becoming too much. Can you please do something about it.

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