LG’s Iconic Instaview Refrigerator Hits Sales Milestone Of One Million Units Worldwide

It’s official: LG has sold one million units of its innovative LG InstaView Door-in-Door® refrigerator. Achieving the milestone this month means that the company has been selling an average of more than 700 units every day.

The InstaView refrigerator is best known for its iconic technology that adds extra flavor to an already premium-level functional device. The most iconic piece of technology is InstaView which lets users knock twice to illuminate the refrigerator door’s glass panel to see inside.

The Door-in-Door technology, on the other hand, provides easy access to users’ favorite drinks and snacks while minimizing cold air loss to help keep food fresh.

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Its aesthetics are also strikingly good and has banged LG several prestigious design awards.

“LG InstaView is a leading example of how LG combines cutting-edge design and functionality to deliver unparalleled benefits to consumers,” noted David VanderWaal, senior vice president of marketing, LG Electronics USA.

The LG InstaView refrigerators are one of the best-selling on the market, says VanderWaal.

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