Xiaomi Updates Its Browsers After Being Accused of Intrusive Data Collection

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has released updates to its browsers days after being accused of collecting users browsing data. In a blog post, the company promised that they’ll update their browsers so that users can be able to turn off aggregated data collection.

“We believe this functionality, in combination with our approach of maintaining aggregated data in non-identifiable form, goes beyond any legal requirements and demonstrates our company’s commitment to user privacy.”

The three browsers in question are Mi Browser(pre-installed on Xiaomi Redmi and Mi branded phones), Mi Browser Pro, and Mint Browser which are found on Google Play.

Towards the end of last week, a report emerged which claimed that the company had been collected users’ browsing data even in incognito mode. The company denied these allegations expressing disappointment in the report and that they had been misunderstood. Later the company updated the post to clarify what they feel was misunderstood.

After reaching out to the researchers, the company decided to offer more controls to allow users to decide whether they share their data or not in incognito mode.

I use one of Xiaomi’s Redmi phones and received the update yesterday on the same.

Xiaomi MiBrowser update
Xiaomi Mi Browser update via System Updater

“We thank you all for your attention, suggestions and dedication during the past few days to further improving the overall user experience of our products and services,” the company concluded.

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