A Less Expensive, More Powerful iPhone Is More Welcome

Last week Apple introduced a new iPhone, which is not only cheap but also small in size. At just 4.7inches, the iPhone SE favors more one-handed use and positions itself as the only go-to iPhone for those who have been irked by the proliferation of large 6-inch plus smartphones in the market.

It comes at a time when everyone is becoming aware that smartphones are increasingly becoming both massive and expensive at the same time. That means one thing – there’s a market for smaller and cheaper phones out there.

Although 2018’s budget iPhone XR led last year’s list of top 10 best-selling phones, 2019’s value iPhone 11 ranked second despite being available just four months. Budget smartphones predominantly occupied the list, and that’s no coincidence.

Typically expensively priced, Apple’s marketing strategy has achieved selling iPhones as gadgets of desire. But despite that, iPhones have, for long, proven to last longer than their Android counterparts. The company also commits to release software updates for an extended period. With these two put together, the company achieves to sell tens and even hundreds of millions of units year in year out.

For the second-generation iPhone SE, the company has delivered the latest and most potent hardware, under the hood of one of their best-selling iPhone of all time – iPhone 8. Starting at $399 – the same as the original iPhone SE – the phone is cheaper than the $699 “value” iPhone available on the market – iPhone 11.

It offers the latest Bionic A13 processor, with the newest version of iOS on the front, just like last year’s iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

The A13 brings support for Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade, the company’s gaming service, which couldn’t be supported on some older devices due to hardware and software restraints. Coming from the iPhone 6, for instance, iPhone SE is a massive upgrade.

Emulating 2017’s iPhone 8 design, you still get a massive camera upgrade. In fact, the iPhone SE comes with the same 12MP f/1.8 wide-angle camera seen on the iPhone 11, thus delivering better photos with both HDR and portrait mode available, and can shoot 4K videos at 60fps.

On top of that, you get wireless charging, a home button incorporated with a fingerprint sensor, but lacks fancy FaceID.

iPhone SE is also water and dust resistance, plus it has wireless and 18W fast charging. Just like buying 2019’s iPhone 11, you also get a year of Apple TV+ subscription for free.

Despite some caveats here and there, like low display resolution, and some may argue about the teeny-weeny 4.7-inch low-resolution display being smaller than they needed it to be, the iPhone SE is now the go-to best value for money iPhone and such moves are more welcomed from Apple.

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