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Here Is Why Twitter Will Now Share More Of Your Data With Advertisers

In a recent notification sent to a section of its users who logged in on the platform on Wednesday, Twitter announced: “The control you have over what information Twitter shares with its business partners has changed.”

In the new announcement, the company had made it clear that from now, henceforth, it has nixed a privacy feature that gave users the leeway of either sharing or not sharing some private information with advertisers.

Under the new rules, Twitter will now share more of your activity on the platform, including how you interact with ads “to help measure and optimize the effectiveness” of advertising on Twitter.

“Specifically, your ability to control mobile app advertising measurements has been removed, but you can control whether to share some non-public data to improve Twitter’s marketing activities on other sites and apps,” the company said.

Twitter will also share other sensitive data, including IP address and mobile device advertising identifiers for devices. The company still affirms that your name, email, phone number, or Twitter username won’t be shared.

The new policies will help the company “to continue operating as a free service.” For Twitter, this isn’t a surprise considering the company’s revenue has been hurt in the past because of their data sharing policies.

Previously, Twitter didn’t have permission to target ads. Hence, it had to ask users for permission first, but “that setting wasn’t working as expected,” according to Chief Financial Officer Ned Segal.

And with less information to share, advertisers don’t want to spend much on individual ads, hence hurting revenue.


Because some regions have very stringent privacy laws, Twitter’s new policy changes exempt those users based in the European Union, the European Free Trade Association, and the United Kingdom.

For them, they can still opt not to share personal information using the “Share your data with Twitter’s business partners” setting under Twitter’s privacy settings.

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