Apple’s New Developer Guidelines Permits Apps To Send Push Notification Ads

The advertising industry is huge, raking in billions in terms of revenue each year. With the proliferation of mobile devices, advertising has taken a new turn, finding new platforms to place ads. Every social media company generates revenue from selling ads to advertisers.

Apple is taking a new approach to how Ads are served on its OS, according to new guidelines published by the company on Wednesday. The new guidelines allow apps that are available on the AppStore to directly send Ads to users via push notifications. For some that may sound annoying. The good thing is, Apple is handling the matter with precautions by allowing users to opt-in at their will.

iPhone users who chose to opt-in will be bombarded with push notifications composed of news alerts, and text messages.

Moving forward Apple also mandates that App developers MUST use the company’s official API to collect customer reviews. That is to say, the company prohibits apps to use any custom review prompts.

Cracking Down on Dating and “Fortune Telling” Apps

In addition to allowing apps to serve ads via push notifications, the company has also tweaked its policy to clamp down on apps falling under the dating and fortune-telling category.

In particular, Apple says they will reject these two types of apps unless they prove to be unique. On top of that, these apps also have to offer a high-quality experience to users.

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