Windows Servers Still Matter! Know All About Them and Pass Microsoft’s 70-740 Exam with Exam Dumps

The Favorite Pick

When Microsoft was founded, they never tried to enter a popularity contest. But they sure seem to be the winning one. And why shouldn’t they? Microsoft certification offers not only widely used products and solutions but also broadly recognized badges: from a number of MTAs and MCSAs to four MCSE and one MCSD certification, and in the world of IT, these are the certs that can’t be toppled. So when people decide that they want to associate these badges with what they do, just for the sake of advancing their careers, of course, they go with Microsoft.

The result is a legion of highly qualified employees that buzz towards Microsoft. They know how to handle and fix any Windows-related issues. Because of how well this circle works, Windows Server 2016 is still living, and living well, even in our year 2020. Then, why not join the ranks of such specialists to relaunch your career?

So, in this article, we’ll try to give you all the information about the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 credential, how to earn it, what it involves, and also we’ll explore one of its required exams — 70-740 by code. Now, let’s start with the certification path overview.

Steps That Need Taking

The Microsoft 70-740 exam is devoted to installing, storing & computing with Windows Server 2016 and is aimed at IT professionals who already have some working experience with local and server storage solutions. Passed with two other exams that are Networking with Windows Server 2016 (paper 70-741) and Identity with Windows Server 2016 (paper 70-742) a candidate is going to earn the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification.

Then, there are two paths to choose from. You can pass one more exam from the list of 5 options offered and become the MCSE: Core Infrastructure certified. The second variant is to pass one of four tests (70-333, 70-334, 70-339 or 70-345) and earn the badge which is the MCSE: Productivity. You can visit the Microsoft website to learn more about these options but in any case, your first step should include acquiring the mentioned MCSA credential, firstly by passing 70-740 exam. Thus, let’s find out what knowledge and skills you need to possess to sit for it.

Latest Syllabus

After the latest syllabus update on March 13, 2019, the following is what this exam comprises.

  1. The largest part to learn (around 35%) for this exam will be on how to implement ‘High Availability’. So you will be taught how to use Hyper-V Replica, configure cluster networking, and put to use Cluster Operating System Rolling Upgrade among others. 
  2. The section on ‘Maintaining Server Environments’ requires you to implement Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) solutions and integrate Windows Defender with WSUS. You will manage workloads via Performance Monitor program and use Windows Admin Center to keep an eye on the Windows Server. 
  3. For the section on ‘Storage Solutions’ Windows PowerShell will be used to assist in the making of VHD files. Mounting various virtual hard disks will be addressed as well. You will configure storage pools & implement storage layouts for disks.
  4. As part of your preparation for 70-740 exam, under the section ‘Implement Hyper-V’, you will also need to be able to install Hyper-V, configure its storage and networking, and also work with VMs and convert them from older versions to modern ones. 
  5. For the ‘Implementing Windows Containers’ section, which is the smallest part of the 70-740 syllabus (a mere 5-10%), you need to know how to deploy and manage this solution. 
  6. Under the domain ‘Install Windows Servers in Different Environments’ you will have to migrate workload from older servers like Windows Server 2008 and 2012 to Windows Server 2016 and also install and upgrade them. You have to learn how to work with images for deployment too. 

Your Toolkit

Overconfidence could be the downfall. IT professional or not, you need to be peak prepared. But success on the paper 70-740 doesn’t come from one source. You need all the help you can get. Here’s what you could use:

  •  You can get all the necessary training from home by enrolling in the 3 online courses dedicated to the Windows Server 2016 that Microsoft offers for this exam. They cover topics such as Infrastructure, Basic Storage, and Virtualization.

They are offered only in English and last around 5-6 weeks each. You need to spend a mere 4-5 hours a week viewing these online classes.

  • You may use the official Microsoft endorsed book for this course. This is an Exam Ref by Craig Zacker published in January 2017. It is structured so that in the end you can really implement what you learn to the real world around you.
  • You can train with the official Microsoft Practice Test for this exam. It will cost you $109 and for this price, you’ll get 171 questions with answers.
  •  The Microsoft 70-740 assessment requires a candidate to have practical experience. Thankfully the channel ‘CEH IT Trainer’ exists on Youtube. It gives you a full free practical playlist on the whole Windows Server 2016 with bit-sized videos you could follow and actually do on your own PC sitting at your desk. 

The best resource?

You’ll hear it often enough in the IT industry, so we’ll say it again: experience is at the top of the ladder. And to gain it you need as much practice as you can do. 

Textbook knowledge is good, but there’s nothing quite like mock tests. The good news is that at ExamSnap you can get the most updated Microsoft 70-740 exam dumps for free. And not just one, you can get ten! 

If you want more, you can always buy the premium bundle on this web resource. Its main advantage is that the offered vce file with 280 questions and answers is verified by IT experts. Also, this package includes a training course and a study guide. You may buy the whole bundle for $39,97 or any of its items separately.

All you need to view these dumps is the VCE Exam Simulator designed by the Avanset team. Different Modes? Check. Timers? Check. Different Question Types? Yup, they got it all. Just like the real test.

The Takeaway

Want to improve your career or move to the new IT area? Now you know everything to become a certified computer systems administrator or a network specialist working with Windows Server 2016. So bring your mental ‘A game’ for 70-740 assessment. With perseverance, the right resources, and these realistic exam dumps, you can do it all. So see you when you’re done!

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