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This Twitter Plugin Help Keep Your DM Safe From Unsolicited Nudes

Social media has brought with it the good and the bad. Sharing nudes without consent is part of an increasingly form of harassment that many women have fallen victim to.

However, there’s finally some good news if you have been affected by this. A new plugin has been rolled out aimed at keeping unsolicited nudes at bay. Dubbed “Safe DM,” the new filter blocks and deletes nudes sent on Twitter via Direct Message.

Developed by Kelsey Bressler, the idea came up after she was sent unwanted nude pics on her DM. This problem has not only affected her but many women, specifically, have been through the same. This form of sexual harassment is known as Cyberflashing and is very common. A 2017 survey from YouGov revealed that 78% of millennial women had been sent an unsolicited d*ck pic.

The plugin relies on Artificial intelligence and was trained using over 4000 nude pics, which she requested via her Twitter handle.

The plugin is 99 percent efficient, despite early development stages, according to Buzzfeed News, who got a chance to test it out.

The plugin will also be launched on other major platforms soon, according to Kesley.

“We would like to roll this out on other social media platforms and are discussing where to go next,” said Kesley in response to the BBC.

Right now, there is reportedly some lag time for the action to be performed.

According to Kesley, social media platforms to step up their fight to ensure users are safe while using their respective platforms.

Keep in mind that the plugin will also axe those solicited nude pics as well, and is the main reason why an ON/OFF switch is included.

To sign up, go to and follow the steps. For privacy-conscious folks, remember you have to give the plugin permission to access your DMs. The developer says the plugin only scans for the unwanted nudes and doesn’t read texts.

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