Windows 10X To Run Most Win32 Programs, Take “Less than 90 Seconds” To Update

Time has passed since Microsoft first announced its new Windows 10 OS variant (Windows 10X) that will be running on dual-screen laptops. Compared to the standard Windows 10, the “X” variant is mainly optimized to fit the new form factor and run smoothly coherently with it.

That’s just part of the cake, but even more good news about Windows 10X is the pace at which it will be able to download and install updates. Microsoft says the rate at which the OS will download and update itself. This will only take 90 seconds at most – wayy faster than what we experience with the regular windows 10 OS.

The OS will only run in read-only mode, said Microsoft in its online event dubbed “Microsoft Developer Day,” held online on February 11th.

Microsoft said the new OS variant would also be able to run most win32 programs without extra work from the developer. As a refresher, Windows 10X is built on the Windows Core just like the regular windows 10 but has some legacy components stripped.

Windows 10X will be able to run these programs in a virtualized container separating the app files from the OS. The only apps that won’t work on this 10X are those that, for some reason, need to edit system files and drivers from outside.

New Restrictions Coming

Carried away by the new features? Wait until you hear the tradeoffs. After stripping the legacy components, this has resulted in several restrictions on how the new OS will be handled.

Microsoft is further locking down the OS – Windows updates will handle driver updates, and you won’t be able to access system files and program data anymore(this renders apps that edit OS system data unusable).

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