Windows 10 Search Feature Broken By Bing

If you are like me and still uses Windows – you might have been experiencing problems with the Windows 10 search bar sometime yesterday.

Several users complained about being unable to use the feature and unable to get back to their recent files through the searching functionality. Instead of the search results, Windows 10 presented a blank box.

According to Microsoft, the problem emerged as one of their “third-party networking fiber provider experienced a network interruption.”

As a result, Microsoft explained that “Users may have been unable to access multiple Microsoft 365 services. Additionally, users who were able to access services may have experienced latency.”

The problem greatly affected users in Europe, according to the company.

In Bing Lies the Problem

And how the heck would a network interruption of a third-party provider affect how your local computer works? Well, Microsoft has integrated the Windows 10 search feature with its Bing browser. Because of this, you often see online search results powered by Bing as well as those from your local device.

The good part is you can disable this integration, so when this hiccup occurs again – if ever, you will be safe.

“We’re reviewing our network redundancy options to find way to prevent this problem from happening again,” the company said.

The company already sorted out this issue, and those still affected have been offered a simple workaround on the same – reboot your PC to get back the functionality.

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