U.S. Government Officials Visit The U.K. To Push For Huawei 5G Ban

Every day brings with it a new Huawei story. Well, for today, the U.S. officials are mobilizing the U.K. to ban Huawei from participating in the country’s 5G network.

On Monday a delegation of U.S. officials landed in Britain to persuade the U.K. government to ban Huawei from taking part in its 5G network.

The move aims to beat the timeline, as the U.K. is preparing to make its final decision, which should be coming “relatively soon.” According to a report from Reuters, the U.S. officials presented some new evidence on why they should bar the Chinese telco equipment maker from its 5G networks.

From the meeting, the U.S. officials reportedly said it would be ‘an act of madness’ if the British government uses still considers Huawei’s equipment for its 5G.

Since the U.S. banned the world’s largest Telco equipment maker Huawei, in taking part in its network infrastructure, it has also urged its allies to do the same. Most countries have ignored this call, with India being the latest country to allow the Chinese company to participate in its 5G network trials.

More Pressure to the U.K.

The U.S. alleged that Huawei’s network equipment could be used by Beijing to spy on other countries, although Huawei has repeatedly denied this allegation.

Right now the country is torn between maintaining a good relationship with Beijing, the industry warnings that the ban on Huawei equipment could cost them a lot of billions and pressure from their U.S. allies.

The U.K. has even been pressured that the U.S. government will cut off some intelligence if the country does not ban Huawei, according to the British defense minister.

Last week, a U.S. senator introduced a bill that could bar the U.S. from sharing any intelligence with countries that will allow Huawei to take part in their 5G networks.

The bill emerged just days before Britain announced plans to make a final decision on where it stands with Huawei equipment on 5G.

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