Google Halts Chrome 79 Rollout On Android, Here Is Why

Chrome 79 rollout has been paused by Google after it was discovered that the update deleted data from other apps on Android.

The issue, as AndroidPolice explains, involved a feature in Chrome dubbed WebView that other apps, such as Facebook and Twitter, rely on to render Web pages. This is because Chrome is the core driver behind the system’s WebView component that helps certain apps to render pages inside apps.

IF you want to get some hands dirty on the technical – here is what happened; Chrome 79 shipped with changes in the location where web data is stored, but it seems the migration was done improperly, thus leading to the current issue.

As a result, all the affected apps – web apps and WebView applications like Twitter Lite – had all or some of their data deleted. The data is purpotedly still intact, but there is no way to access it as per now.

Google says the update had already been seeded out to 50% of Chrome users, but have since been paused – to iron out the issue.

The company, according to their Chromium blog, says they will have to choose one of the following moves; either to continue with the migration and to move of files to their new locations or to undo the change and to put them back to the previous location.

It’s hard to tell the full list of affected apps, as apps typically don’t say how they are built. However, be assured that all your online data is safe. Google hasn’t specified when this issue will be sorted out, but hopefully, soon, all will be back to normal.

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