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Twitter Plans to Delete Inactive Accounts From December

Twitter has announced plans to delete inactive accounts from December 11th. The company says any account that has been inactive for at least six months will be treated as inactive, thus liable for deletion.

No pressure if you haven’t tweeted in a long time because the company defines inactive in a different way. Twitter says inactive accounts are those whose users have not been logged in in the past six months. So, if you have not logged in on Twitter in the past six months, your awesome twitter username is about to disappear forever.

Twitter is already sending notifications emails for the affected accounts. However, the company does not plan to blow up the whole inactive accounts in one day. A Twitter spokesperson said this practice would take place over “many months.”

The company says the new move is to help them “present more accurate, credible information” that is reliable. On top of that, the company also hopes this will encourage people to actively log-in and use Twitter when they register an account.

Surprisingly this move also affects bot accounts that tweet regularly in some cases. Some owners of bots on the platform have been notified about account deletion. But another bot owner says he has not received a single alert on the closure of any of his bot accounts.

Despite this move being considerably great for the company and even the users, it also poses some effects on certain accounts. A good example is the deceased people whose accounts have been dominant for an extended period. The company says they are thinking about ways to do this since there is “no way to memorialize someone’s Twitter account once they have passed on.”

Either way, fellas, make yourself available on December 12th to grab coveted Twitter usernames someone grabbled years ago. But that will only happen if the company frees up the usernames immediately.

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