Apple reveals plans to reduce software bugs in future major OS updates

Apple has run into problems in both initial window releases of iOS 12 and iOS 13. With the latest version, users have been complaining about a plethora of bugs that each update brought. That is the main reason why the company has been releasing new software updates after a short period to patch the flaws.

But with iOS 14, which will come in 2020, the company wants to shield itself from such mistakes. The software testing method has been cited as the main reason the company experienced a series of bugs in its latest software for the iPhone and iPad. So, Apple plans to change how it tests software.

Under the new approach, test versions of the future software updates will disable unfinished or buggy features by default. However, testers will still have an option to enable these features selectively via a new option in the Settings menu dubbed Flags.

Initially, Apple experienced a swarm of flaws with its software because the new features added by developers were enabled by default. Some developers were making changes daily, which meant the new features were not thoroughly tested.

Other developers were committed to releasing new builds every week. This update cycle meant that the software was not thoroughly tested with the limited time available.

The new approach put in place will, therefore, ensure that early versions of the next iOS version will be ‘livable.’ The same will also apply to Apple’s other Operating systems like iPadOS, tvOS, macOS, and also watchOS.

Apple even has plans to postpone some upcoming features in iOS 14 to a later update in 2021 – likely in iOS 15. The company’s new approach plans to treat software performance and stability as a top priority. But that does not mean you shouldn’t expect several features in the next major iOS update.

Sources say that the new approach was revealed by Craig Federighi, Apple’s head of software engineering, during an internal meeting with developers.

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