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Twitter is Working on Policy Changes To Combat Deep Fakes

As good as Artificial Intelligence sounds, and actually is, it also comes with its cons. One of the biggest threats in recent times has been deep fakes. Deep fakes use artificial intelligence to create videos of people doing or saying what they didn’t.

Factoring in the current social media boom where information can move faster than in old times, the problem is becoming even more immense.

Twitter and Facebook have been affected by this, and the latter is working on ways to curb this malice. In a conference held on Monday 21st, Twitter said that they are working on policy changes and is asking for public help.

“We think that a lot of people will have an interest in this space,” said Twitter Chief Legal Officer Vijaya Gadde.

One of the most notorious use cases of manipulated videos involved the US House of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, which was manipulated to make her appear to stammer during a news conference.

Both Facebook and Twitter left the video on their respective platforms because they have any rules addressing such issues.

Twitter is now the first social media platform with a keen interest to document rules governing the use of deep fake technology. At this point, it is not clear what will the policy changes entail. But, the company is looking at what to do once they detect deepfakes. Part of the options includes taking the videos down or labelling them as fake.

Twitter plans to gather public feedback on the same in the next few weeks to make their approach and values “more transparent.”

“We’re always updating our rules based on how online behaviors change. We’re working on a new policy to address synthetic and manipulated media on Twitter – but first, we want to hear from you,” the company said in a statement on Twitter.

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