Windows 10X announced; Microsoft’s OS for Dual Screen PCs

Dual-screen PCs are not a strange thing – we have seen several dual-screen PCs pop-up in concept form or even commercially in the market, recently. And at Computex 2019, most manufacturers had something to say about their upcoming PCs engineered in that way. Dual-screen PCs is becoming a thing, and sooner or later, this could be the flagship standard for high-end PCs.

But well, Asus Zenbook Duo already sent a message which now seems to be an international language in the near future.

Microsoft – world’s most popular PC OS maker, has announced their new version of Windows optimized for dual-screen PCs. Windows 10X as the name goes is an iteration of legacy Windows 10 that’s designed for machines with two displays.

It is built on top of the basic foundation of Windows 10 termed as Windows Core OS. Some notable characteristics involve smartness on the management of system resources which will be crucial on battery life and the ability to adapt Windows to a new form factor.

People are expecting more flexibility from their PCs—they want performant, highly flexible, fully capable and compatible devices that are at the same time delivered in a simple, sleek and, increasingly, mobile form factor,” said  Eran Megiddo/ Corporate Vice President, Windows and Education in a blog post.

“This new hardware requires an expression of Windows 10 that evolves to meet this opportunity. This is Windows 10X,” he added.

For a start, Microsoft’s first dual-screen Surface Neo laptop will be the flagship machine in this arena. No surprises, even Google always places Pixel phones on the frontline. But later, of course, other companies will join the tune, too — the likes of DELL, Asus, HP and Lenovo.

Windows 10X will first ship with Surface Neo due in 2020 but will also be in other dual-screen laptops from ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo.

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