Opera Mini browser now has an offline file sharing feature

Opera Mini browser users will now be able to transfer images, videos and audio files between nearby devices using their mobile data. Opera has added an offline file sharing feature on Opera Mini browser which it says can transfer files at Wi-Fi speed which is up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth. 

This also means users will not need to download a dedicated file sharing app. 

“With the new offline file sharing feature, Opera Mini users can now choose to share files at high speeds with people in their proximity, without worrying about low speeds or expensive mobile data”.  Krystian Kolondra said. 

How offline Opera file sharing works

Offline file sharing and its accelerated file transfer speed are made possible through a direct Wi-Fi connection which Opera Mini establishes seamlessly with nearby devices. This means that Opera Mini creates a temporary private network which it says provides a fast and secure transfer of files between devices. 

To start sending or receiving files, go to File Sharing in the menu and choose Send or Recieve. Opera Mini will display a QR code for the nearby device to scan, connecting the devices. Once a file is successfully transferred, the sender will be notified and the receiver will be able to access the file in the Received tab shown in Opera Mini. 

Opera Mini features a download manager located in the browser menu. The download manager helps users identify their downloads from various websites, and accelerates the download speed. The new offline file sharing feature provides Opera Mini users with a unique combination of faster browsing, faster downloads and faster sharing.   

The new offline file sharing feature is an addition to already existing features including ad-blocker, night-mode and an intelligent news reader, all of which is provided in a small download of less than 10mb. Opera says the addition of offline file sharing to Opera Mini is part of its strategy to create tailored mobile products that adapt to the real needs of people across different markets. 

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