Google Announces Security-focused Android 10 based Go Edition

After the official release of Android 10 – the latest version of Android – earlier this month, Google has announced a lightweight version of it. Android 10 (Go edition), is solely meant for entry-level devices which are cheap and pack few resources which turns out as a performance compromise if they use the full version of Android. Thus, OEMs find it more appropriate for their cheap devices to use the lightweight version of Android instead.

So, there is no substantial difference between Android 10 and the Go Edition. Features are pretty much similar. But the latter has been optimized to run effectively on devices packing fewer resources.

So, expect system-wide dark mode, controversial gestures, and many other features in just like in the regular Android10. What’s solely new in Android 10 Go Edition is Adiantum encryption technology a new encryption technology engineered for entry-level devices.

Adiantum encryption is made to keep entry-level devices more secure – just like the flagship devices – both, without specialized hardware and without compromising performance.

Plus, Google has also said the speed and reliability have been improved, achieving up to 10% faster app launch speed as compared to Android 9 (Go edition).

Since Android 10 has just been released earlier this month, fewer devices have been covered till date. However, next year we expect more devices to ship with Android 10 out of the box. Entry-level devices running Android 10 Go Edition are expected to launch in 2020.

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