4 Ingenious Inventions and Gadgets That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Life can be challenging. But luckily for us, humans have carefully evolved over millennia to harness the resources of the world around us for the purpose of making our lives easier. We have developed Roombas to avoid having to push a vacuum cleaner around, automatic cigarette rolling machine, driers to avoid hanging clothes and hoverboards to save us walking to work.

Almost a quarter of the way through the twenty-first century, we have reached new heights. We are harnessing modern technologies to make our lives easier and solving problems at an unprecedented rate. Here are four ingenious inventions and gadgets that will make your life simpler.

  • Wireless Chargers

If your bedside table looks like a snake’s nest of overlapping wires and entangled cords, you might want to consider investing in a wireless phone charger. Simply put a docking base next to your bed or on your kitchen counter and you can easily charge and retrieve your phone without dealing with the labyrinth of chords to find the correct charging head.

Couple your wireless charger with a magnetic docking station and your phone will gravitate towards the charger even when you can’t see exactly where it is, making it perfectly suited for bedside charging.

  • Key Finders

Bluetooth key finders save people hours of frantic key searching every year. It is essentially a Bluetooth tracking device which uses an app on your smartphone to guide you to your key’s location. The tracking device can also be attached to a wallet or purse if you are more prone to losing your pocketbook.

  • Automatic Wi-Fi Resetter

Wi-Fi isn’t working? What do you do? Turn it off and on again. Still isn’t working? Do it again. Not working still? Third time is a charm.

This ritual has become engrained in our modern working lives. The repetitive dance of getting up, resetting the router, sitting back down, getting up again, sitting down, and so on, become an annoying but necessary part of troubleshooting our internet problems.

An automatic reset plug will detect if your Wi-Fi network has lost signal, then automatically switch it off and on again, saving you the time, energy, and effort of getting up and turning the box off manually.

  • Smart Coffee Brewer

The effects of automation are creeping into our daily lives. While some worry about the impact this will have on our jobs and livelihood, others are embracing AI and machine learning and incorporating it into their wake-up routines.

Smart coffee brewers allow users to brew their coffee from their bed using just their smartphone. Either set it to brew manually before you get in the shower, or have it set to the same time every morning. Either way, by the time you get downstairs, you have a fresh cup of java waiting.

These four ingenious inventions and gadgets are nudging us into the future of automation with life-altering results. For the naysayers, they represent a break with the days of old and a concerning glimpse into the automated future. But for the rest of us, they represent more efficiency and an end to some of the needling issues that aggravate and disrupt our daily routines. 

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