Huawei launches Open Source Website for Ark Compiler aimed at Promoting HarmonyOS

Huawei on Saturday finally published Ark Compiler’s website. The new interpreter has been reportedly in the works roughly ten years ago – since 2009.

According to the new dedicated Open source website (in Chinese), Huawei describes The Ark compiler as “a unified programming platform designed to support the joint compilation and operation of multiple programming languages ​​and multiple chip platforms, including key components such as compilers, toolchains, and runtimes.”

Huawei announced Ark Compiler earlier this year at the Huawei P 30 Series launch stating it will be open source with has been developed with a keen interest of improving app rendering and speed.

Unlike Android’s default ART compiler, Ark Compiler manages to render apps faster by directly executing binary code into source code without the need for an interpreter. Ark Complier’s website allows users to download and access the source code.

Huawei’s Ark Complier is meant to be the bridge between Android and its in-house OS, Harmony.

This is possible by the app supporting multiple popular programming languages that are supported by Android ensuring developers have an easier time developing HarmonyOS compatible apps, which Huawei bets on to be the driving force in expanding its ecosystem.

Building an ecosystem is the biggest hurdle than even developing an OS, Huawei officials attest to that.

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