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Facebook Tightens its Advertisement Policies Ahead of the Upcoming US Elections

As the saying goes, once bitten twice shy. It is clear Facebook wants to keep regulators astray in the next US Elections. The company adjusted its advertisement policies, which mandates political advertisers to verify their identity to be given a “confirmed organization” label on the platform. As a result, approved organizations ads will have to reveal the “paid for by” disclaimer which discloses the master heads behind the ads.

The similar rules apply across Facebook platforms, including Instagram. As per now, WhatsApp does not have ads, but they are officially coming in 2020, and the similar policies will apply.

Although the new policies are meant to tighten up their commitment to avoid a recurring “Cambridge Analytica” scenario where the platform was leveraged for political misuse. The company’s new policies will reportedly “bar some smaller but legitimate groups from advertising.

AP News bashes Facebook’s new policies stating it still leaves loopholes that could be leveraged by bad actors.

However, Facebook knows that already. “We’ve acknowledged that these tools will not be perfect,” Sarah Schiff, a Facebook product manager, said in a statement to AP News. “But we are committed to making it more difficult for bad actors to misuse and abuse our platform,” she added.

The new policies are scheduled to be implemented as from mid-September.

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