LG TwinWash changing the laundry experiences

TwinWash is LG’s new Laundry powerhouse that seamlessly integrates with all your smart home gadgets. This integration does not only prove efficient but also makes works more accessible. LG TwinWash features LG’s ThinQ AI, which relies on DeepThinQ that continuously learns your cleaning cycles and patterns to help serve you efficiently and conveniently possible.

TwinWash also gets the job done quickly through its ability to wash two loads of laundry at a go simultaneously. Which not only gets the job done faster but also uses its ThinQ AI to automatically set washing patterns depending on the given type of clothes that are to be washed.

With LG TwinWash washer, a TwinWash mobile app also comes along to help you get most of the appliance. The TwinWash app lets you control your TwinWash laundry machine remotely. You can turn off your machine even while you’re away from home.

Besides, TwinWash is also compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa, which enables you to control your washer directly with voice commands. Voice commands can help you turn the machines on or off, start or pause a load, and monitor the cycle status without a hassle.

Now coupling the TwinWash machine with LG’s lineage of dryers and clothing refresher, all the frustration you face with laundry will be over. This is the world we all ought to live in, a seamless laundry experience that makes anything laundry a no-brainer.

LG’s laundry solutions are on top of my wishlist, and I’m sure the same applies to anyone who hates doing laundry out there too.

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