Google Suspends its Mobile Insights Service for fears of Data Privacy Issues

Google has revealed they shut down their Mobile Insights service. Mobile Insights provided network coverage to wireless carriers and helped them identify weak spots in their network. The service was used by wireless carriers to plan on network upgrade and expansion. Mobile insights proved vital as a source of this information since 75% of smartphones in the world run on Android.

The main reason for the shutdown according to sources familiar with the matter is that the company had concerns over the service since it involved sharing data from Android users which might attract scrutiny from both users and regulators.

Even though the data sent does not include any information about the user, it shows the company’s concern about drawing any extra attention from regulators. These days tech companies have become a frequent customer to regulatory firms, especially in the EU, and it is transparent that most companies are making moves to abide by the law.

Mobile Insights was first launched in March 2017. Some sources said Google officially ended the service in April this year for fears of privacy issues while others cited secondary reasons that lied on careers being sluggish on materializing network upgrades.

Google already informed carriers on their plans with no reasons given.  In response to the matter, a Google Spokeswoman confirmed the news but did not disclose the reasons behind the move.

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