LG TwinWash With ThinQ is Setting New Standard For Laundry Convenience

LG East Africa officially launched its Award-winning and revolutionary TwinWash washing machine in the country in April last year.  The TwinWash washing machine comes with some interesting features including the ability to simultaneously wash two separate loads of laundry and of course the much talked about LG ThinQ technology.

With an extensive lineup of smart and AI appliances that work together seamlessly, LG ThinQ can make your life easier. Thanks to an open platform and even more innovative products being developed for the future, ThinQ, according to LG can give you total control to make your life better, in everything you do. With the help of voice activation and artificial intelligence, LG’s line of smart appliances and devices – branded LG ThinQ – like the TwinWash features full integration across the entire product suite to help you around the home in innovative ways.

Remember LG products developed on the DeepThinQ platform product educate themselves using cloud servers to become smarter over time. This learning feature is at the heart of DeepThinQ, allowing LG AI products to understand not only their external environments but also the behavioural patterns of their customers. LG TWINWash ThinQ washer is a dream come true for those that may experience some anxiety around washing clothes and choosing the right settings. TWINWash can not only give you recommendations for which wash cycles to choose based on the clothes you’re cleaning, but also send you alerts when you’re running low on laundry detergent using their AI smarts.

This is done through a single mobile application. With the mobile app, ThinQ will let your phone function as a smart remote control that makes it possible for you to start laundry even when you’re not at home. It also allows you to monitor how your load in the washer is coming along and have push alerts sent to your phone when the cycle is complete or when an error occurs in the machine.  What this basically means is that you can go out for your daily errands as your laundry is being washed. One other interesting feature is the Smart Diagnosis that allows you to fix minor problems without having to call or visit an LG call centre.

If you left the house in a rush and forgot to start your LG TWINWash, using your smartphone with the app, you can start LG TWINWash, any time and anywhere. The Smart ThinQ allows you to do your laundry anywhere you go.

LG ThinQ has the ability to employ deep learning and communicate with one another, utilizing a variety of AI technologies from other partners as well as LG’s own AI technology, DeepThinQ. The washer is compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, enabling the users to turn the machines on or off, start or pause a load, monitor the cycle status and more using simple voice commands and a smartphone app. This is one of my favorite features.

I need to also mention that the washer was the winner of a 2019 CES Innovation Award. Well, the LG TwinWash is indeed a step towards sustainable living thanks to the advanced tech and of course ThinQ.

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