Apple Will Not Let You Check Your Battery Health Status After Being Serviced by a Third Party

In a move to make its users stick to Apple Store and Apple dealers only for repairs, Apple is reportedly locking down the battery health status feature if serviced by third parties. According to iFixit, only newer models of iPhone (iPhone XS, XR, and XS Max) have been currently locked.

It is reported that regardless of whether a genuine battery is fitted inside, a user will still see the warning. You can view the warning when you navigate to Battery> Battery Health >Service. The message states “Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple battery. Health information not available for this Battery.”

iPhojne battery service Image Source: iFixit

This is just a move to make sure you go to the nearest Apple store or valid dealer if you care about having a fully functional device. Realistically, Battery Health Status is critical when it comes to the iPhone. With no information on battery health status, it will be difficult to tell whether your Battery needs a replacement or not. Although to some people, this may not be of so much concern.

According to the original source of the news, the warning message emanates from a microcontroller installed on the Battery. So, Apple’s iPhone battery has an authentication feature that can only be unlocked by Apple or its authorized dealers.

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