Huawei’s Hongmeng OS is Still Coming, First Device to Launch in Q4 2019

Huawei’s plan B OS dubbed Ark OS, or HongMeng has been the talk of the town for some time now. That is not until the company denied allegations that HongMeng is an Android replacement and they preferred using Android. Some new revelations have again surfaced regarding Huawei’s OS.

GlobalTimes, a Chinese government news outlet, has stated that Huawei’s first device running HongMeng is set to be launched in Q4, 2019. The device will reportedly be priced at a fair price of 2,000 yuan (around Ksh 30,000, $290) and will feature various cryptography features for improved privacy and security of personal data.

That is to justify Google’s fears that Huawei devices will be less secure if they opted for the free version of Android.

GlobalTimes claims that the Chinese tech giant is going forward on testing its OS running on an upcoming device. Huawei’s upcoming developer conference on August 9th will proposedly be a platform for the HongMeng OS demo showcase as an Android alternative. The demo is just positioned a day before the sale of the Honor Smart TV which is powered by HongMeng OS.

Besides, the HongMeng powered device is set to be produced in “several millions of units” and will launch alongside the yet to be launched Huawei Mate 30 Series.

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