Nokia 220 4G Officially Announced, Supports HD-calling and has Facebook and Twitter Pre-installed

HMD Global yesterday announced two new phones; Nokia 220 4G and Nokia 105(2019). From the names, you can tell these are not smartphones but instead feature phones.

As of late, feature phones are trying to play catch with the already popular bigger and smarter brethren. But since they are feature phones, we don’t set expectations too high; we are even intrigued by how feature phones are catching up on the technology –although they are doomed to lose.

Nokia has officially announced Nokia 220 4G, which I will not promise is an exceptional feature phone but delivers right on the bar of what any other “high-end” feature currently offer. Nokia 220 4G still retains the good old T9 keypad but this time around the company has adopted a 2.4-inch QVGA display.

The body is curvier, which should offer a comfortable grip. The whole body is curated from polycarbonate –a fancy word for plastic and has a 4G LTE logo inscribed at the back.

Other features include a 1200mAh removable battery, 16MB RAM paired with 24MB internal storage and has a micro-USB port for charging. With the included battery, Nokia promises a standard standby time of 27 days.

It runs on Feature OS, which I’m not sure if it is based on Google’s KaiOS, but might likely be, since the device comes pre-installed with social media applications including Facebook and Twitter.

You’ll enjoy 4G browsing on the pre-installed Opera Mini browser, and as a major throwback, you also have the old but modernized version of snake game included. The 4G support, as Nokia states, will also enable HD-calling. The device will sell at EUR 39, roughly Ksh 4,500 when it finally launches.

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