Here’s How Future Smartphones Could Have More Battery Life

Even though batteries have been improved over time, the demand for more juice is always increasing as smartphone get more sophisticated. That’s why we have relied on hardware and software optimization to help boost the time taken smartphone before the power is fully exhausted.

Glare is one of the major problems in smartphones while they are used outdoors, which forces smartphone manufactures to insert antiglare filters. Though antiglare filters prove beneficial when viewing your OLED TV or OLED smartphone screen during the day, they have a significant setback when it comes to energy efficiency.

Antiglare filters cut almost half of the battery-intensive light emitted. Which makes OLED panels have poor energy efficiency.

However, there’s good news coming to the future OLED displays.  Researchers at the Imperial College of London have reported a breakthrough that will not only boost battery life but also bypasses the need for antiglare filters in smartphones.

A study by certain scientists has revealed a discovery that tweaking the chemistry of the OLED materials can produce a “special type of polarised light” that would dump the need for antiglare filters. This will mean OLED panels will be brighter and energy efficient as a result.

Dr Wade, one of the scientists stated by changing the OLED recipe, efficient polarising OLEDs can be achieved.

“The findings could make screens of all kinds brighter, with better contrast and longer life.” He added.

The technology is not only limited to smartphones; however, it can be applied in tablets, and laptops and even TVs.

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