How To Stop People From Swiping Through Your Photos On iPhone

It is embarrassing handing over your phone to other people to have them see a specific photo then, all of a sudden, they are all over your entire gallery. That’s what I experience in my daily life. I’m sure many people find this embarrassing too.

Initially, the only way to curb this was by simply not letting your friends have your phone in hand while looking at the photo. But come on, that sounds archaic for this technological era. Alternatively, you can zoom the picture out which locks the scroll album feature; it may work for kids but not adults.

Lets us set aside these outdated ideas, for now, here are two third-party apps that offer an easy way to do it;

ShowStopper Photos

ShowStopper Photos is a cool app to get the job done without a hassle. So iPhone users here are the first option to you.

This app enables you to show a photo but at the same time keep other images private. With ShowStopper, you can create an album that you want to show too.

The app has a simple UI all you need to do select the photo(s) you want to show then tap on play at the top right, and you’ll be taken to a secluded view of the gallery.

To exit the restricted view, press the screen at any point for about 3 seconds and enter a passcode which is typically set when you first launch the app or press the home button.

Get ShowStopper Photos from App Store.

Here, Look

This is also another great app that you can use to lock someone from swiping through your gallery. Here, Look has a simple gallery view interface similar to the regular iPhone gallery.

To use Here. Look

  • Open the app
  • Select the album from where the photo lies
  • Tap and hold a photo (will select the picture) you want to show
  • Tap on the Here, Look button at the top right corner to enter the restrictive view

Download Here, Look on Appstore via this link.

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