Mozilla Begins Testing their Subscription-Based Ad-Free Internet Experience Service

Last month Mozilla’s CEO revealed their plans to launch a new subscription-based service that will offer a premium level besides an ad-free experience. Well, the service is scheduled to be officially launched later in October but in preparation for that Mozilla has started laying grounds ready.

The new subscription-based service has received its dedicated web page yesterday. Though the service is not yet accessible at the moment, a light has been shade on the subscription fees.  As per now Mozilla is testing out the program and users who wish to join the program must answer a short survey after which they will be informed when the beta version is launched. The service is a partnership between Mozilla and, aimed at offering Mozilla premium subscribers an ad-free experience to access news sites.

In the opposite one can argue that Mozilla already has an in-built content blocker that users already utilize to surf the web for free. But we know that only works if you want to access websites without paywalls or tools that will deny access to the site with your Ad-blocker turned on. See, Mozilla’s subscription service makes it kind-of a win-win situation between publishers and readers.

In those regards, Mozilla wants you to pay $4.99 per month to access news websites for free. Several media companies already back the program. With the partnership, Mozilla will pay some of the subscription fees to enable you to access the partner websites ad-free.

How Mozilla will distribute the payment is not clear, but once the full details will keep you updated.

Scroll has listed a number of 12 sites in the program including Buzz feed, Vox, USA Today, Slate and Gizmodo among others. But expect more websites to be included in the future.

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