LG’s Innovative Home Solutions Designed for a Sustainable Future

LG Electronics has been pioneering to a sustainable future with innovating home solutions in terms of appliances and gadgets. LG, with their innovative equipment and devices, hope to provide a solution that can be relied upon and also cut on costs while protecting the environment at the same time.

“Investing in quality products that help save time, energy and resources should be a top priority for homeowners – not only saving money and adding convenience but also helping governments achieve their sustainable objectives for greater prosperity and quality of life,” said Mr. James Lee, President LG Electronics Middle East, and Africa

An example is LG’s new high-end washing machine- TWINWASH. LGs washing machine leverages on ThinQ AI- artificial intelligence technology from LG, which helps get the job done faster using its TurboWash technology. Besides TWINWASH cleans two loads of laundry at a go than the regular washing machines thanks to the TurboWash feature.

In matters of the kitchen, the company has its own Slim French Door refrigerators which feature Linear Cooling™ and DoorCooling+™ tech that helps food stay much longer fresh. Also, LG’s new DishWasher machines leverage on their ThinQ AI. LG’s DishWasher has cool tech equipped inside including SmartThinQ AI and Dual-Zone wash which enables you to gently clean your delicate dishes and at the same time power-washing your heavy-duty pans alongside.

Since we are moving around the house, we cannot forget about the living room in this matter. In the sitting room, LG’s OLED ThinQ AI TV is the primary driver. LG’s AI-powered TV can act as a controller for all the other smart appliances around the house.

With LGs ThinQ AI OLED TV you can rely on voice commands to help you control your TV together with the connected home appliances.

“At LG, our key focus is to develop superior appliances and products that are not only productive and efficient but also stand the test of time,” said Mr. James Lee, President LG Electronics Middle East, and Africa

For efficient management, while you’re away from home, you can get the ThinQ app that will help you manage your smart home appliances remotely. You can turn on off your home appliances from anywhere to help save on monthly bills with the ThinQ app, see that’s what reliability is all about.

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