[Column] Digital Transformation’s growing attack surface

Traditional business models need to be reimagined as digital transformation continues to enable businesses to innovate and find new ways to not only leverage data but keep abreast of customer’s evolving requirements. While this presents innumerable opportunities, it also brings with it several challenges. Kevin Halkerd, recently appointed by software as a service (SaaS) company, e4, as a senior IT risk and security analyst, says that the role of security within digital transformation is now imperative.

Halkerd says that as digital transformation takes hold within organisations, the surface to attack grows: “As you have more data, apps and processes entering the digital sphere, you are creating more opportunities for security threats and increasing your network’s vulnerability.”

The more applications, data and processes move into the digital realm, the more opportunities there are for hackers. There are more potential points of entry, making it difficult for cyber security professionals to catch all vulnerabilities and keep track of all possible threats.

Fortinet, in a recent survey, found that 85% of chief information security officers believe that digital transformation security issues have a large impact on the organisation. Halkerd says that this is plausible as it is inevitable for digital transformation to change security needs in an essential way.

In his new position, Halkerd says that e4 acknowledges not only the importance of security within its own organisation, but also that of its clients: “We aim to ensure that e4 not only keeps abreast of the constant evolution of security technology, but that our clients are protected, while also encouraged to be innovative and increasingly competitive within difficult market conditions.”

According to Halkerd, the development and growth of digital communication networks will continue to be ubiquitous. He says that the move from 2G, to LTE, to 5G will provide newer and more innovative ways for clients to adapt and grow their offerings: “This always-on capability and approach has seen solutions and approaches we could never have predicted 40 years ago. It is exciting and I am looking forward to working with e4 to keep developing services and offerings that push boundaries and assist clients to become leaders within their sectors.”

Halkerd says that automation is predicted to be the next big game changer in digital transformation as marketers look for more innovative ways to meet clients ever-changing needs and behaviours: “Improved automation equals real time access to critical customer data and this, alone, will change the playing field for organisations looking to innovate.”

This column was written by Kevin Halkerd, a  senior IT risk and security analyst at e4.

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