Less Than 50% of iPhone Users Know Their Phone Model, Survey

If there’s something so close to people these days is their smartphone. But how well do you know your phone?

Well, a survey has revealed shocking info about how phone owners know their devices — the study was conducted by Decluttr a website that sells refurbished gadgets, including smartphones, tablets. The survey was carried among 2000 phone owners in the US.

According to the survey, only half of the respondents identified their devices correctly by photo as compared to other devices from a similar manufacturer. The most recognizable device was the Samsung Galaxy S9+ with 71% accuracy. Two iPhones, iPhone 7, and XR were the hardly recognizable devices with only 44% of the owners able to spot them.

From the results obtained, it is quite evident that most iPhone owners don’t know their devices well. The research also reveals that iPhone XS users are the most iPhone users aware of their devices, with 57% able to recognize their device.

And because we spend so much time chasing for the premium flagship, it turns out some users don’t know the full capability of their smartphones. Less than half of Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, and S9 owners were aware that their cell phone has wireless charging.

For Apple users (iPhone XR, XS, and X owners), only 14% know that their devices have NFC capabilities. Besides just more than half of iPhone XS, X and XS Max users are aware of the water-resistant ability of their devices.

This is quite absurd. I can’t imagine paying for all that money for something you don’t even know well despite spending lots of time with it.

But its get even worse when we want to “upgrade.”  Fingers crossed!

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