DeepNudes – An app that turned women’s photos to nudes discontinued

DeepNudes app uses deepfakes technology to transform women’s images with clothes into ‘realistic-looking’ nudes. The deepfakes technology has been a thing for some time, but its effects are way more than we could expect to attest.

Deepfakes technology was deployed into DeepNudes an application which surfaced publicly recently. The DeepNudes website was created back in March and later suspended until June 23rd when windows and Linux apps were released.

However, DeepNudes was wired to only worked for women’s images.

The app was criticized for objectifying women but still, many other people had an interest going for the app. The app attracted much attention on June 27th after which the creator pulled down the app stating that there was a server overload.

After a few hours of trying to fix the app, the app was back online, but still, the serves were unstable due to high demand.

He later stated the app would be back online in a few days since they also need to catch a breath and fix some bugs.

A few hours later, the creator announced that the app will be discontinued citing the app was honestly not great and they didn’t expect the massive traffic it received. Additionally stating that the probability of users misusing the app is too high and they don’t intend to make money that way.

DeepNudes had the free and pro version which could set you back $50 to have deep nudes with a little ‘FAKE ’watermark at the bottom. The free version had watermarks all around the picture.

Deepfakes is excellent if you, for example, turn your images into a talking video, it’s fun. But the technology has also been used for defamation, for instance, the case of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and even Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg on his own Instagram app.

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