Huawei has Shipped over 100million Devices this year

Huawei, today at the, was expected to launch their new Nova 5 series of phones alongside their new 7nm Kirin 830 processor. In the event, Huawei has announced that they have already sold 100 million devices this year till May 30th. This was of course before the Washington ban that had the company’s shipments slow down with Ren Zhengfei, Huawei’s Founder and CEO estimating that the ban may cost the company around $30 billion in revenue this year and 2020.

It is essential to note that Huawei had plans to take over the smartphone industry in January, which they recently dropped, citing the effects that the Washington ban had caused them.

Huawei executive earlier at the CES Asia Technologies Show had hinted that the company makes at least 500,000 to 600,000 sales in a single day globally.

In comparison to 2018, Huawei’s 2019 was looking good but since the trade blacklist by the US- that’s not the case anymore. Even though at Huawei was optimistic at first-stating how well prepared they were for any calamity like the one at hand; lately, they have given up and let nature take its course.

But with already 100million units shipped Huawei is almost halfway to its All-Time-High set in 2018 which they shipped over 200million devices. Of course with the US trade blacklist, it will be hard for the company to meet its targets this year.

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