Role of Artificial Intelligence in OLED TVs

Artificial Intelligence has been applied even to areas you wouldn’t imagine it could apply. AI has opened a new world of possibilities in our daily lives. Instead of having to perform simple tasks all we can do now is talk to an AI software like Google Assistant or Siri and get the job done without touching on anything. Times are changing, and AI has been integrated into almost every aspect of our daily lives.

AI applied in IoT creates a stable technological future we can rely on. AI has been involved in almost all industries to date, including marketing, agriculture, finance, music the list is endless. But let’s focus on TV, do you know the role of AI in OLED TVs?

With AI in OLED TVs, you can literally use your voice to control your TV. AI brings a smarter way you can interact with your TV, offering you a simple and faster way to access what you want.

Here are some of the things that AI enables you to do on your TV.

Easy switching between channels

Imagine you’re just lazing around on a Sunday afternoon, and you have to change the TV channel you’re watching, but you’re too lazy to scroll through the channel list. Familiar with the situation? Now, this is the point where AI meets your TV. With AI, all you need to do is say the word, and your TV will change the channel for you right away. The same case applies to music and even movies.

Personalized content based on your preferences

We all experience dilemmas when it comes to choosing what to watch, especially on Friday night. It gets worse when you have many options, so instead of struggling to select a movie to watch and switching from one movie/Tv Show to the next. AI can help you with that. AI in TVs can help by recommending movies that are worth watching independent on what platform yours using – whether through cable, over the air or streaming service.

Perform tasks with Verbal commands

With AI you can command your TV to turn off after a specific show ends and you also can be reminded when your favorite show is about to begin. Other activities that AI can get you done include; adjusting the volume of your TV with a verbal command, search for music playing in the background of a show/movie and even setting up gaming consoles or sound bars with a Streamlined setup process. For those who follow actors or celebrities closely, AI can help you know the cast info without a hassle.

AI TV as a Smart Hub

Your AI TV can also act as a smart hub for controlling all your other devices that compose your smart home. You can control your smart lights, air conditioners, washing machines, smart speakers, and other gadgets at the comfort of your couch while watching TV.

To wrap your smart home with interactive gadgets, AI on TV should be your everyday companion. LG has been a leader when it comes to AI in TVs when they first launched their LG AI ThinQ TV that incorporates DeepThinQ their Artificial Intelligence technology. And now that the company has launched its own AI-powered chip, they are just starting out.

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