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Facebook wants to pay you in exchange for your personal data

Your privacy and personal data is currently at stake with Facebook if you value the pennies the company will offer. From the past we know how Facebook did mishandle their user’s data, something they already have in mind and that’s probably why they are taking a different course this time.

Facebook was called upon by both the FCC and EU to rectify on their privacy policy which is quite reasonable on why Zuckerberg has decided to steal your data by tying it to a reward this time. In a Facebook Press blog the company revealed that they will launch one of the many Market research programs to some of its users.

The program will be monitoring all your device activities including time spent on apps, which apps you’ve installed, where you’re located among other information. It’s high time you realize how your privacy data is an expensive thing to tech companies.

To know if you’re invited to the program you’ll definitely see Facebook ads about the program which you can then sign up and wait for the approval. The rewards will be paid on a monthly basis but the amount of the reward hasn’t been revealed yet.

Whether you’ll decide to join or not it’s all about you. But do you think some good pay is worth your private activities on your phone?

The program going by the name “Study” will only be available in India and US markets. Possibly Facebook will rollout the program in other parts too since Study is just one of the many “Market research programs” the company will launch.

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