Opera launches Opera GX, a gaming-focused browser

A gaming browser – that idea has never passed the minds of many. However, Opera is the first company in the world with such an approach. We’ve heard of gaming-focused PCs running the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti or the 16-core AMD RYZEN 3950X GPUs, but gaming has never been about browsers as long as I recall.

That’s what Opera is here to change with Opera GX browser. The browser has some incredible user interface that sci-fi guys must sure love it. It is not just about the layout; however, there are some cool features too.

“A new and special version of our browser made with those of you who play games in mind” is all we could get from Opera teasing about its gaming browser in May.

One of the gaming features is giving you control over your RAM and CPU usage while using the browser. The browser has the homepage named GX Corner which provides you with the latest deals in deals in games plus any updates in the gaming industry. The whole interface includes a stylish sci-fi finish with easy customizability on which color to adopt in the browser to match your gaming setup-the RGB way.

Twitch Integration is also a great implementation by the browser to help you browse comfortably but watch your favorite twitch creator on the side. The Twitch sidebar also acts as a notification center for twitch updates. Privacy hasn’t been forgotten with Opera GX just like in the original Opera browser.

Other features include a built-in ad-blocker and also a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. Many of the other features are just for bragging to your friends like the accent-color and space-theme wallpapers. You also can try out the new Opera GX browser via this link.

Can this work out for Opera to gain more customers on top of their 1% in the market?

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