You can now pay a visit to the International Space Station according to NASA

We all have heard and even read books about the other side of the globe, the orbit. The orbit and Space sounded much of a prank even to my closest friend whom I knew never loved that Geography. But now it’s time to see and experience the Space.

NASA has just announced that Space is now open for commercial use. In recent years, the company has been planning to create space tourism an open and commercial venture that can make anyone visit the Space. However, they never revealed the full details about how much it will take and when will this ever happen.

As you would expect, a space trip won’t come cheap. But it seems many won’t ever make it there anyway. A night at the Hotel in the International Space Station has been estimated to cost around $35,000 per night (About $22,500 for access to supplies, and an additional $11,250 for stuff like water, Oxygen and even using the toilet.) With data costing $50 per gigabyte selfie enthusiast that will ever make it to Space will have to curb internet usage. The BBC has reported that the flight could cost even up to $60million which NASA comfortably pays to get its astronauts to Space.

However, despite the cost of the trip, I’m sorry to inform you that additionally, you’ll have to pass the real astronaut training to be fit for Space. NASA stated in a press release on Friday that the trips will last up to thirty days. Which means the costs of upkeep in Space are somewhere over $1 million for a 30-day journey.

The tour will be provided by either Elon Musk’s SpaceX via their Dragon or Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner which are part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. According to NASA’s Commercial Crew Website, the company highlights its mission to develop and operate new generation space crafts that can carry crews to the International Space Station and also low-Earth orbit.

The commercial space trip will be available as early as 2020 and there will only be two trips a year according to NASA.

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