Firefox deepens privacy protection with default third-party cookie blocking

Dave Camp Firefox’s Senior Vice President in a blog post stated that “we feel that the time is right for the next step in stronger online protections for everyone.” Mozilla Firefox has been one of the leading browsers in taking care of user privacy. However, to add on to the already existing privacy controls, Firefox has announced new features that make the user even more secure.

Enhanced Tracking Protection

This new feature has another approach on general user activity tracking on the web. Under the Enhanced Tracking Protection feature, Firefox has outlined some known tracking third-party cookies under their Disconnect List that will be automatically blocked by default. Enhanced Tracking Protection will thus make it difficult for companies to track your online activity.

For new users, ETP will be automatically enabled. However you can still turn it off by heading to the Settings section – but I don’t get the reason why anyone would want to do so.

For existing users, the new feature will be rolled out in the course of the coming months. However, existing users can still activate ETP by heading to Menu, then privacy preferences, go to Custom and select the checkbox on Cookies.

Updated Facebook Container        

The feature was launched back in March 2018 to isolate Facebook from tracking a user’s activity out of Facebook. The feature was inspired by the most significant Facebook controversy that evolved around Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal, which was just one among many other privacy issues that were to come.

Initially, the extension couldn’t work in the case where a site has embedded any Facebook capabilities like the share or like button. But with this update, Facebook Container just got better and now blocks all the connections to Facebook servers, including any Facebook features embedded on a website.

Firefox Monitor now supports multiple email addresses

It’s been a long awaited feature by myself- just like anyone in this digital age I don’t own one email address. The new Firefox Monitor support now supports multiple email addresses, which makes it even easier to monitor on breaches that could affect any of your emails. With multiple email address support, you’ll have to choose one email that Firefox Monitor will notify in case of any alerts.

Firefox Lockwise

Firefox Lockwise is the name of Firefox password manager for PCs. The feature complements the already existing password manager apps in Android and iOS. The new desktop feature adds more functionality by enabling storage, editing, and easy accessibility to saved passwords.

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