WhatsApp beta for iOS hints the inability to save profile pictures in the future

WhatsApp, Facebook-owned instant messaging app has been reported working on a few improvements in the iOS app. One of the new features to come will not allow you to save someone’s profile picture in accordance with the WhatsApp beta for iOS version

Here are some of the key features that are in the app’s beta iOS version

Save to profile picture removed

From the latest Beta update, WhatsApp has disabled the ability to either copy, save or export your contacts’ profile pictures. However, saving group icons has not been restricted yet. Alternatively you can still take screenshots of your contacts, hopefully, WhatsApp won’t restrict that as well in the near future.

New Audio Format

The new iOS update will be featuring a better audio format than the existing opus format. Opus format often has low latency thus lossy audio quality but that is soon about to end. WhatsApp is thus introducing m4a audio format. The advantage of m4a is that it’s compatible with many other applications other than the existing opus format. However this feature is currently only for iOS, no news has been reported for Android about the same.

Album layout improvements   

Currently, when multiple photos are sent in a group chat, they are grouped in a single bubble by WhatsApp. But in the new update, multiple photos are grouped in a single bubble similar to what WhatsApp for Android currently uses.

Apart from these features, WhatsApp for iOS will also receive some minor improvements like in streaming videos that haven’t been downloaded yet and to message notifications.

Also, WhatsApp has included a change number recommendation when one wants to delete an account. Because apparently as reported many users aren’t aware of the “Change number” option thus often even go further to uninstall the app just to change to a new number.

Other changes are also coming to the VoIP calls, voice over feature and also new message format that includes interactive buttons.

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