Apple revives iPod Touch with A10 Fusion Chipset and 256GB internal storage

iPod Touch has been on the abandoned projects by Apple since 2015. But now the company has announced the new iPod Touch-7th gen which on the first glance there isn’t much of a change exteriorly.

Like the old model, the 2019 iPod Touch still features a 4-inch Retina display, same home button and also similar front and back cameras.

Under the hood, there have been massive improvements though. The new iPod now uses Apple’s A10 fusion chipset similar to what the iPhone 7 uses and the internal storage has also been boosted immensely to 256GB in capacity.

The A10 chipset offers improved performance to accommodate Group Time face calls and additionally support for Apple’s ARkit augmented reality apps. Apple has announced that the newly launched Gaming Arcade has been one of the driving factors that has pushed for the advancement of the iPod Touch- to support all the games. Apple claims that the new iPod Touch has 2X CPU speed and 3X GPU speed boost over the previous generation.

It comes in four variants with a significant variation in internal storage. You can choose between a 32GB model, a 128GB model, or a 256GB model. The new iPod will cost you $199 for the 32GB variant, $299 for 128GB model and $399 for the higher 256GB variant.

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