Huawei users are disposing off their devices at a high rate over uncertainty

While Google and Huawei are still working together to analyze the full situation at hand, Huawei users are still in limbo on what will follow. From a report this morning, musicMagpie a British tech site used for smartphone trade-ins has reported that an increased number of trade-ins in Huawei devices.

Yesterday only, there has been an increase of about 154% on Huawei phone listings. On May 20th, the website experienced a high number of trade-ins of Huawei smartphones than any other phone brand. Surprisingly, the Huawei P30 Pro was the most traded device nosing ahead of the commonly traded devices on the platform the likes of Samsung S8, iPhone 6, and iPhone 7.

Despite the 90 day grace period offered by the US Commerce Department, users in Singapore and Philippines felt no better as they continued to ditch their Huawei smartphones. Most mobile phone retailers in the Philippines have been reported rejecting buying Huawei devices citing that the brand products won’t sell as consumers have lost interest in the company.

In China, the story is different. Chinese retailers have reported that Huawei devices have gained popularity in the country as more Chinese citizens now switch to Huawei to support their local company. This, of course, could be advantageous to the company in the Chinese market, keeping in mind Huawei has 34% market share in their local smartphone market.

China is ‘safe’ in some way with the ban but not totally since Google services are not available in the country. Instead, the Chinese market has its alternative services already in place. Huawei can still go ahead, and standalone on their own like in China but some business with American tech companies will always be highly needed in the meantime. Nevertheless, they won’t even produce even their own Kirin Chips; ARM has already cut business with Huawei to abide by the Trump ban. A plan B should help, but the bottom line is, the ban will hurt Huawei in a big way.

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